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Family Financial Centers Houston - "Welcome to the Family"


The mission of Family Financial Centers Houston (FFCH) is to offer a wide array of financial services to our customers, mostly unbanked and underbanked population, that used to be underserved. FFCH appeared not only to enhance the service for this sector of the population but also to increase the standard of financial services for them. 

At FFCH, our services include wire transfers, electronic bill payments, check cashing, money orders, selling cryptocurrency (Bitcoin-for-cash transactions), pre-paid debit cards, gift card buyback programs, international phone calling services, real estate, and notary public services, among other financial-related products in our neighborhood branch bank.


This is the reason we can proudly be called a community-based financial service center. We are here to assist your everyday needs by providing very much-needed services to our community.

Family Financial Centers Houston - "Welcome to the Family"
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